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My Stout Recipe

So I’ve been brewing for a little over a year (all-grain for about nine months) and I’m starting to dabble in formulating my own recipes. Here’s my first shot at a stout…would love feedback and or other thoughts:

9.5 lbs 2-row
1.5 lbs crystal 60
0.75 lbs flaked barley
0.75 lbs briess dark chocolate
0.75 lbs roasted barley

1.5 oz Northern Brewer @ 60 min (about 43.3 IBU’s according to BeerSmith 2)

WY 1728 Scottish Ale w/ yeast starter (I always make a starter…just part of my method)

Est OG: 1.067
Est FG: 1.017
Est ABV: 6.6%

Looks pretty good depending on what you’re going for.

Personally I’d leave out the crystal malts but I prefer a more dry stout. I don’t know that yeast but I assume it would also make for a bit sweeter stout than my stand by irish ale yeast.

Looks like a good American stout. Only thing I might change if I were brewing it would cut crystal down to a pound and use pound of black roasted barley.

Looks great. You can brew it as is, but I agree with taking the crystal down a hair and increasing the roasted barley a hair. But it will turn out great the way it is, too.

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