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My STC1000 + WH8040 Build

Hey all, just thought I would share my now completed temperature and humidity controller build. I built it for a koji incubator to brew sake.

It has a 12v transformer built in to supply computer fans to make sure the temperature and humidity is uniform inside the incubator. (which is what the terminal lugs are for below the outlets)

I know the wiring looks like a mess, but it works great!
I used an old metal power strip as a template to cut out most of the holes on the back… and also took most of the parts from it… outlets, rocker switch, even the thermal overload breaker and power wire restraint.

All the connections are soldered… and though you can’t really see it too well, the hot and neutral lines come in to a terminal strip where they are distributed to all the different components.

The small computer fan was installed because I was concerned with how hot those things get when you leave them on for long periods of time, and I didn’t want that interfering with the temperature sensor calibration.

Anyway… cheers.

Oh… I didn’t have a metal fan shroud that fit this fan, so I ordered one from jameco electronics… should be here in the next couple days.

More pics… can only attach 3 at a time :?

Started out as a black project box from radio shack…

Nice work let us know how it does.

So far my only negative comment is the outlets on the back could use some reinforcing. When I insert or remove plugs, the outlets flex. The only thing achoring them to the enclosure is that single little screw. I will more than likely lift them out and dab a little epoxy around the edges of them… hopefully that will shore it up enough.

The epoxy worked well, however the mechanism for providing a reliable source of humidity for the enclosure is proving a more difficult problem.

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