My second brew- honey kolsh experiment?

I’m doing a honey kolsh extract but I am not using the original honey. I am adding 3lbs orange blossom honey and 1oz bitter orange peels to the 5g recipe.

I was thinking:

  • 6lbs gold malt extract
  • 1.5lbs of honey at 60min
  • vanguard hops at 60min
  • vanguard hops at 30min
  • 1oz dried bitter orange peels at 15min
  • 1.5lbs of honey at 5min

I have yeast nutrient and two dry packs of safale us-05.

This much extra sugar should drop the gravity but not sure how much.

I think this recipe sounds good, but is it good. Some advice and pointers would be extremely appreciated.

I would add the orange peel at 5 mins and the honey at secondary. The longer you boil the peel the less flavor you get from it. As for honey if you boil it or add it to primary it is going to only give you fermentables and no flavor or aromatics.

ok ill do that. For the dry yeast I saw an article about rehydrating it. Is that better or should I just go with the two packs?

An update on this. The og was 1.054 and fermentaition is going at a steady 62f. How much honey should I add to the secondary and will I still need priming sugar when I bottle?

I would stick to your recipe and add 1.5lbs. The honey is almost 100% fermentable so you will still need to add priming sugar. For ultimate impact you can use the honey as a priming sugar in addition to adding to secondary. If you google nb priming calc Iit will tell you exactly how much honey to use.

Too late to do anything about it now, but what was the purpose of the orange peel? Bitter orange will not give any orange flavor to the beer, but only bitterness. If you wanted to get orange flavor, you should use zest (not peel) from sweet oranges or tangerines at the very end of the boil.

I was thinking the bitterness would counteract a little against the honey but also leave a hint of the citrus flavor.