My Sake Press

Finally made my Sake press. Still waiting on the fabrication of my press plate (HDPE 3/4 disc, with 1/8 in inset for an o-ring around the edge).

Press Pictures

I am using a 12qt stainless pot with the handles removed. Dremel is my friend.
Working out how to get the sake out of the pot. Either a tap in the press plate with a barbed nipple, or putting at the bottom of the pot an elbow port and having the tube run underneath and out the base via groove.

Still need to add a handle to the main threaded rod.

:smiley: first off I love that idea. I’m going to post pics soon of my koji muro. Did you use cedar on that top board. I’m only thinking cause of originality. But homedepot will sell in their cull/bent wood bin cedar planks etc… For .51c ! Are you still going to put the moromi (I thinks its called that) in bags or press through a filtered opening.


The bottom is just a round, ready to stain. I just got my press plate today, and looking into a way to tap the stock pot. Prob. will put an elbow underneath using a weldless connection and cut a groove on the bottom so the drain tube can run out into a container. I will be placing the finished fermented moromi into fine filter bags (prob 2-3 in layers) and press away. Sure will beat doing the pressing my hand. I used to hand-squeeze the bags… 2-3 hours…

I’ll post some pics when I press my black rice sake.