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My Perl Faucets work differently

I have 3 Perl Faucets. I bought the 3rd in Fall 2011 about a year after the 1st two. The newer one “clicks” when I shut it off. I would say it has a vacuum feel to it. The other two don’t do this. Was there a model change at some point? I like the “click” since it assures me the faucet is off. The other 2 can open a little easy.

They are all 525SS models… or were supposed to be when I bought them online. Same vendor for all 3. Can they other 2 be put together wrong? I feel like the one that “clicks” is more correct.

i have one that clicks and one that doesn’t. well…i wouldn’t call it a “click” but it’s a noticeable set position, like a vacuum as you say. bought them at the same time from NB, not sure what model. they’re both very well built and work fine, but I know what you’re talking about - haven’t opened up to investigate - prob mess something up.

love those Perls!!

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