My new kegerator

I know it’s been done a 1000 times but I just put the finishing touches on it and built the Temp controller last night.

Looks good! Nice job… now fill it!

Working on it. I should have 3 kegs online in 3 weeks. :cheers:

Very nice.

Never thought of a SxS fridge. Would be a lot rommier and have plenty of freezer space for preserving things like hops or other ingredients.

Looks good, congrats! Why do you need a temp controller for the fridge? I use a fridge with a freezer on top and just use the normal fridge setting with no issues.

You can’t see it in the pics but since this fridge sits in the garage it can be subjected to harsh conditions both summer and winter. I drilled 5 one inch holes in the insulated divider that goes to the freezer side. When the fridge turns on, the cooling efficiency is much better. The fridge temp controller could not handle these swings which over cooled the fridge. Now with the temp controller, I set the fridge thermostats on high. It runs less and more efficient by putting more cold air where it needs to go.

Looks good! Hopefully this year I can get into kegging and build one of these.

I have fridge in my Texas garage. Only bad thing is that in the summer, the pour is foamy until the beer physically cools down the faucets. Maybe 4-5 seconds.