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My first yeast starte

I just pitched my first yeast starter into NBs Karl’s 90 Shilling last night. While listening to the Jamil show and others they mention rubbing the flask opening with isopropyl and then flaming it. I swabbed it twice with iso, but neither time did it flame. So I just used the lighter to heat up the edge a bit to kill those nasties. Sufficient or need more iso? Thanks!

I would say it is sufficient, maybe not necessary but it probably won’t hurt. I usually just sanitize and leave it at that.

I think what you did is what they mean by “flaming” the opening. I’ve never had Isopropyl actually ignite on the rim of a flask to the point that I could see it. The alcohol sanitizes, then the flame sterilizes. Doing both is insurance since infection can be so problematic at this step. Also, the alcohol cleans the rim quite well of oil and cleaner residues.

I usually just spray the opening of my starter container (1/2 gal or 1 gal growler) with starsan. Done.

+1 for Starsan.

I use iodine, but I am always cautious when using sanitizer near yeast. Don’t want to sanitize the yeast. That being said, your method makes sense. Sanitize the top then burn away any leftovers to make sure your yeast isn’t contacting it.

  • 2 for Star San. Never had any problems with contacting yeast.

star san breaks down in to yeast food in the presence of wort. don’t fear it.

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