My first NB brew

Just wanted to post and say hello. Ordered an Irish red ale kit a while back ago and been reading the forums here while I’ve been waiting for it to finish.

This was my 5th or 6th brew but first from NB. I did 2 week primary, 2 week secondary and 4 week in the bottle. I needed to move the bottles to a warmer spot as my closet was right around 65.

Here’s a gratuitous iphone shot… Wrong glass, I know. It’s hard to tell in the pic but the bear turned out really clear. Has a great flavor. A little more bitter than I was expecting but still an enjoyable brew.

I have a Honey Kolsch in the secondary right now and will be doing a slober and a porter coming up. I plan on doing many more brews and continue to learn.

Thanks all.

Looks tasty, it’s been a few years since I’ve brewed an IRA, may have to brew one soon.

10/10 first post

Thanks guys.

Looks good. I’ve never brewed that but I may one day.

Looks delicious! I’ve brewed NB’s IRA several times and love it! It is a bit more hoppy than most IRA’s I’ve had…they usually tend toward malty…but, I think that’s why I like NBs! Enjoy!