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My First Kegerator

I’m thinking of buying a kegerator. Specifically, I am looking at EdgeStar Full Size Dual Tap Kegerator & Draft Beer Dispenser ( … 085&sr=1-3)

Does anyone know much about this brand and product? I want to make sure I get a reliable product that is easy to set-up. With this Kegerator I also plan to learn how to keg my beer, so I am trying to keep the learning curve as easy as possible.

I appreciate any thoughts on the kegerator.

I get trying to keep it simple, but you can build or convert a kegerator for about 1/2 that price… especially considering you still need to buy kegs. I purchased a single tap kegerator from a friend and upgraded it to a dual tap for about $350 which included the fridge, dual tap tower, 3 kegs, and all the lines and connections. If you can find a used single tap kegerator on craig’s list, it’s very easy to convert over to a 2 tap system. Converting a fridge to a kegerator is a little more work, but still relatively easy. And I surely don’t claim to be any sort of handyman.

This^^^ is much better option.

I built my 4 tap keezer system for a little more than $600, and that was using new parts.

I’ve got some handy-man skills but they are not necessary. Building you own is actually about as easy as diy projects come.


I would say you should get a 7 or 9 cubic foot freezer, temperature controller, and use picnic taps for the time being. Don’t spend $600 on that thing.

yea…had I gone picnic taps rather than perlicks, I’d saved over 200. But then it wouldn’t have “look” so cool.


Well, that’s true. But I was just saying for starters, he could go that route. Then build a collar or something from there.

Yeah, i would definately say to build your own if you can. Like others have said it is not hard. I have seen some cheap units and that actually looks like one unfortunately. The tower and taps look like bottom of the barrel stuff. The great part about making your own, or even buying a used unit, then upgrading to 2 taps, is you can do the whole job for about the same price if you are careful, and in the DIY version you will end up with top of the line goods. Plus if you build it yourself, you will have a detailed understanding of its workings, and you will be able to diagnose and fix its problems.

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