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My first failure..batch #96

Batch #96 is a failure…DOA,at least I think it is.i have brewed 475 gals of beer starting 1-8-2008. I guess it was going to happen sooner or later, what a shame.

Day 10 into the ferment the air lock had no CO2 tto push the cone up to the screen on the 3-piece air lock.It is now day 13 and still the same.At first it was fermenting just fine,then day 10 no CO2 in the fermenter.

I was brewing a LME Petite Saison useing safbrew T-58 Ale Yeast, (I have allways used dry yeast).With this yeast you shoud keep temp. at 59 to 75F. My brew room is 62 to 69F at all times.

The only thing I did different was I used TAP WATER. We have good water here and I checked my notes and I did do 2 batches useing tap water with no problem,but I was useing Saflager S-23 on those batches. Maybe the T-58 yeast had issues with the tap water.

If any of you master brewers out there can think of anything else that could have caused the failure, please let me know. Thanks, Magnum_

Maybe its done? Maybe theres a leak that the CO2 is going out? You really don’t say what makes this a failure.

Yes - failure how? Taste?

And in regard to tap water - what do you mean you “used tap water.” Was it boiled? Are you thinking the tap water had bacteria in it that spoiled your beer, or that the mineral content was such that it gave off flavors?

I have brewed the same beer (petite saison) my last 6 batches, every 2 weeks. i leave it in the fermenter 3 weeks to make sure it is fermented all the way out. The air lock slows way down but never has it lost all co2 presser. I have 2 7.9gal bucket fermenters with rubber seal in lids. I checked the lid and it is on tight and the air lock is to.

The only thing that i can think of is to open the fermenter and look and smell, if it passes that test take a reading, if it is at 1.010 I guess I can go ahead and bottle and see what happens. Never had a batch be done that fast

Well, I think the only “real” test of failure is what it tastes like. If the only thing you are gauging the “failure” on is the fact that fermentation did not take place in the exact same time frame it has in the past - I think you are jumping the gun. I would let it play out just like you always do and see how it comes out. Maybe take a gravity reading if you feel you have to do something to check progress, and give it a taste when you do.

Maybe your tap water made fermentation faster? Maybe the minerals present in your tap water made for healthier yeast that fermented better?

I agree with the others; you don’t have a failure until you taste. Trust me, I know, we’ve definitely had a failure and knew it on the first sip. Completely undrinkable.

Now that is one thing I did not think of, Maybe the safbrew T-58 yeast likes my tap water. I am going to get afire going in my shop and warm it up to 60f and roll out the fermenter and do the look, smell, test, and taste. If it all looks good I will be bottling today.

I will post later today and give you all a update, the post will be ( batch#96 test)

Thanks Magnum

So, did you actually check your gravity with a hydrometer, yet?

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