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My first 10 Gallon Batch and a question or 2

Thinking about a 10 gallon batch and had a couple of questions:

Assume I am starting with exactly 10 gallons at the hot break, after a 60 minute boil how much can I expect to loose? One might assume 2 gallons based on the fact you loose about 1 gallon on a 5 gallon boil, but somehow I don’t think that would be correct?

If your using the same pot and loose 1 gal for a 5 gal batch you will loose the same on a 10 gal batch or any size batch boiled in the same pot. Amount of boil off is mostly from surface area of the pot and vigor off the boil.

I got a new 16 gal pot, but haven’t used it yet. It is quite a bit larger in diameter. Sorry my OP was misleading.

Boil with plain water and this will give you the boil off rate in advance of your first brew.

Good idea…thanks. I’m thinking about going all in and getting a plate chiller and a 15 gal fermentor so I could test the whole set up.

I recently went all in with a pump and CFC. Works well but I want to caution you. If you don’t have much time to brew or hate clean up stick with an IC. Clean up takes substantially longer.

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