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My fermentation process

Hello just run my fermentation process by you guy’s. so here what I do yeast starter about a week in advanced so I can let it ferment out an cold cash it for a few days. An then I do the brew as normal chill it an put it into my sanitized Fermenter with my temp prob tape to the side of the fermenter. An the I put that into my freezer that Connect To my temperature controller an set the temp controller to 2to3f under what I going to pitch an ferment at so when the heat from fermentation kick in I can control it. An the next morning i pitch the yeast an let it ferment for 4 to 5days an then I raise the temp an hold it for about week to make sure the yeast cleans up after it self an then check the gravity An if it at Fg i keg it or I use the keg as a secretary an age the beer for a fews weeks


Seems like a pretty good process. There is little risk pitching the yeast the next day if sanitation is good. I usually don’t expect a fermentation to be near completion in five days with the yeasts I use. I’ll check the SG around day ten. I typically rack my beers after three weeks in the primary. With this amount of primary time the beer has cleared with very little sediment and excess yeast going into the bottles.

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Yes I don’t generally chill to pitching temp. Mostly I start early around 7am then chill until I’m done cleaning up wort is usually in the high 70s. Put it in a swamp cooler for ales or freezer chamber for lagers. I’m done by 11am. Usually ales get pitched in the evening lagers the next day. No problems

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