My favorite so far (Port O'Palmer)

I’m a rookie brewer, having started in January. I’ve made just under 20 batches so far. A month after brew day, this is my favorite. It’s along the lines of John Palmer’s Port O’Palmer. So easy. So tasty. So smooth.

Started with a 4 gallon boil
6.2 pounds of light extract
8 oz chocolate
8 oz crystal 40
4 oz black
.8 oz of Centennial at 60
.4 oz of Fuggle at 40
.4 oz of Fuggle at 20
SafeAle US-05 yeast
3/4 cup table sugar for priming

I found it here:

I would say at 20 batches, you are far past a rookie at this point!

Recipe looks solid, but both Palmer and Jamil love their porters, so I would certainly trust their skillz.

Not that you are looking to fix what ain’t broke, but have you ever considered trying this with an English Ale yeast, such as London Ale, Windsor, or even S-04 (dry)? I love what english yeasts do to porters and stouts, to the point where I wouldn’t really even consider American Ale yeasts.

Just a thought, but keep on truckin.

When are you going all-grain?! Easier than its made out to be. [hint: Brew. In. A. Bag.]

I really like your idea on the yeast, Pietro. Thanks.
So far I’ve kept my learning curve mostly to grains and hops. There is so much out there, even if you just stay with the barest of basics. I’ve made a few SMaSH beers (ex: Maris Otter/Cascade) to try to learn some things and instead of trying dozens of hops I’m trying to focus on just a few.

I’m sure I’ll move on to BIAB at some point (already have the bag on my brew list, haha)

Totally agree. Absolute best thing I’ve done yet in my brewing. So easy, beer is way better, and possibilities are almost endless.