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My dry hops have created a cap. Is that bad?

I’ve just dry hopped for the first time. Turns out there’s nothing to it! …except, well it’s only been about 9 hours since I added the hops and now there’s a huge cap floating on top. At first I was afraid I’d jumped the gun on racking to my secondary and that the racking had uncovered a ton of unused yeast and sugar that had been trapped in the trub which then somehow formed a second kraeusen in my secondary, but now I see it’s just the reconstituted hops. Still, it was unexpected and the cap is quite thick.
Is it bad? Is it normal?
Will it settle in?
Should I give the carboy a swirl?
FYI, dry hop addition was 3 oz. of Citra pellets. I’m shooting for a Zombie Dust clone.

As long as it’s not a Yankees cap, it should be fine. When the pellets dissolve they spread out pretty well. They should drop in a few days or so.

Yeah? Well that’s good news!
Thanks for the quick answer!
I should be less obsessive and just let it do it’s thing.

LOL. Good one.

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