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My brewing water

Hello I call my local water company an had them send me a water Analysis report. Here some of my water information

pH 8.35

Alkalinity 38 mg/L

Chloride 29.9 mg/L

Sulfate. 56 mg/L

Chloride to sulfate ratio 0.53 mg/L

Sodium 35.4 mg/L

Calcium. 5.1 mg/L

I don’t know much about water when it come to brewing.

I would highly suggest you go to the Bru’n Water website and read the Water Knowledge section. It’s the best way to get a good understanding of what you’ll need to do with your water before brewing. It also has a spreadsheet that you can use to figure out how much of certain things you might need to add. It’s not just about getting the proper mash pH. It’s about getting the proper flavor profile for the beer you’re brewing. You can also dilute your water with distilled or RO (reverse osmosis) if certain aspects are too high. I don’t ever brew without it.

Try to read the water book from the beer element series. I did learn lots from this. Or try to talk to a person from the water company who is in control of the water quality

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