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My belguim. Saison

<img src="/uploads/db6829/original/2X/0/01a84c84b600663bfd17eea33e57d4e9bc8dc39f.jpg" width=“375”

All mumble jumbo didn’t open… Sneezles61

Mmn yes. Dont know. Let me try again

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looks yum

That looks great.

Did not use candy syrup. Can not find it here. On the next. Order will add some belguim candy sugar. As well. Did use. Hard sugar candy

I don’t think you need a sugar with a Saison they usually finish pretty dry on their own.

Looks great! Please do yourself a favor and quit smoking though.

Yeah i know. Its bad. But went from pack a day. To 1 pack every 3 days. I did quit for a while. But started to eat much more. Snacks

I didn’t realize how good beer tasted until I quit… And it was just under 5 bucks a pack… I spent my savings on brewing equipment… Sneezles61

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I quit 2 years ago. $12-$14 per pack at that time

Pfff thats to much. Here still 7 to 8 bucks. Need to quit. Would make my wife happy. But me weak. Have to say. The weird thing started smoking. When i was. 40 years. Never before that i did smoke.

I got really sick in my chest which made the first part of quitting easy. After that I switched to nicotine gum for the parts of the day when I typically smoked. Eventually I got sick of going out of my way to get the gum and just stopped. I don’t even think about it any more but I know I can never even have a puff again or I’d be hooked.

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