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Mustache Envy-Looking for grain to add to the included grain

A friend of mine made some of the Mustache Envy beer from here, and I would like to order my own recipe kit to do some. I’ve made several batches of beer, and I want to start doing some experimenting to get the taste I’m after.

My favorite by far is the Honey Brown Ale, because of the strong grain taste it gives. However, I really like the taste of the Mustache Envy.

Is there any kind of grain that I can add to the steeping bag that will boost the “Grain” taste or maybe even make a little sweeter? I know it isn’t for everybody, but I am partial to a beer that has a little sweeter taste than others. A local brewing guy was telling me that some sort of grain, like a caramel grain or something, would help give it that honey or sweet grain taste.

Any hints on what to use and how much to add to the steeping would be appreciated.

Sweet vs. bitter is a matter of hop levels. Less hops may give more grain flavor.

Might also try a less attenuative yeast.

Adding a lighter Lovibond (20L - 40L) Caramel or Crystal malt may give the desired effect, but again these are often misunderstood as they are fermentable to a certain extent and will change the way your beer tastes (which is what you want, I guess.)

Honey malt may also work, but go easy with this stuff, unless you really like honey.

The beer you’re referring to is already a big beer and adding more fermentables will make it that much bigger.

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