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Must be the eclipse coming

So I’m racking a cream ale to keg tonight, simple, huh?
Well first my 10 gallon co2 tank goes empty on me, no big deal, no leak( I think) I’ve had it since December when I started kegging, so it’s due.

Then, I was cleaning out the 6 gallon glass carboy I like for lagers, the one I got Christmas 2013 with my NB starter kit, and managed to crack it on the counter top. Done.
Thankfully no injuries, all digits accounted for.

Freaking eclipse.


STEP AWAY FROM THE BREWING GOODIES!!!.. Now just grab a few of your fav’s and imbibe… Gambrinus is telling you to enjoy … Sneezles61


As my grandmother used to say, “Some days you just can’t make a nickel.”

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