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Mushroom Farming

Brooklyn’s indoor mushroom farm Smallhold is home delivering their incubated stock due to a Covid-19 change in their business model.

While I would dream of having one of their mini-farm cabinets in my house (check out the website they are cool) it turns out I was able to rig one up myself.

Wherever you are in the world I bet there is an indoor mushroom farm that could use your business if you want to try this yourself. There are also a lot of online options these days. I tried this once a decade ago and there were only 2 options.

Does anyone else have a favorite source for trying this?

The batch we got was Lion’s Mane which I’ve never eaten because it is delicate and not as widely farmed by larger agricultural growers.

We made a one inch “x” cut in the plastic on both sides of the bag and squeezed all the air out of the bag. The new grow will then seek out the air on the outside of the bag.

My wife made a little green house out of sheet plastic, coat hangers and 2 plastic trays. There are ample sized holes so we can mist this regularly using a spray bottle. We didn’t know this at the time but the method of keeping the area at high levels of humidity keep the Lion’s Mane from drying out as it gets bigger and becoming chewy.
-This was placed on our kitchen counter because it has a lot of airflow and is generally out of the sun (well not in this picture)

Years ago gave my brother a bag of Morel Spores for his backyard, from We thought it was a failure then 6 years later he got a crop of morels so big he was giving them away. Oddly enough the crop grew 15 feet from where he planted them.
Interesting Morel link

Lion’s Mane are apparently slow growers but these morning to evening pics (day 3) you can almost watch the growth

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Getting close to harvest time. The other side of the bag also has growth but the bulk of the energy is going to this side.

We tried some from fungiperfecti out of Oregon (?) I got too busy and they did…? I’ll bet the wild critters got em…

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I grew a shiitaki kit from fungipeefeci that were the best I ever tasted. I only got one batch however. They no longer sell home hits but they have links to sites all over the country that do.

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We tried 2 different ways to cook these and the best way was lightly sautéd with butter. If you have ever heard that it’s impossible to overcook a mushroom we learned with our other method (in a stir-fry) that that lore is false.

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Wow! That’s humongous! I’m intrigued, shame I don’t especially care for mushrooms much.



Your going to eat that? Can I have your brew kettle?


Your so funny BrewCat!! :joy:

Hahaha It was delicious and I lived to tell the tale.

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