Muntons Gold dry

I’m brewing a quick batch of a basic American Ale to have on hand for an Christmas party. It will be consumed in one night. I’ve got about 1 cup of harvested 05 from about 1 month ago. I’ve got 2 packets of Muntons Gold dry yeast. I’ve never tried this yeast before.

I don’t have time to make a starter for the harvested 05 so I’m thinking of using the Muntons. Anyone tried Muntons? Have any opinions about using it in a basic American Ale? The guy at my LHBS said Muntons will have a taste a bit more malty than 05 but otherwise is a good choice.


1 month old and 1c of 05? I wouldn’t be afraid of that.

Read a couple posts that MG is better than standard Muttons. What size packs are they?