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Multiple Beers from a Brew Day

So, at Homebrew Con, two guys, Kevin Nanzer & Trevor Blythe, gave this presentation

Maximizing Variety with a Single Brew Day: How to Get Four Distinct Beer Styles from a Single Five-Hour Brew Session

In the session, they talked about having a single 5 hour brew day, and producing 4 completely different beers. They had samples; pretty good, all actual different styles. not just variants like a patersbier versus trippel,

Now they did it because they have a 30 gallon system, and a limited number of brew days, so they need to maximize variety. My wife and brew partner, is curious to see if we could so something similar with our, much more limited setup…

We typically brew 3-gallon All grain, BIAB. We can reliably boil about 4 gallons total. So 2 reasonable batches will need extract to boost the output volume.

Here’s what I came up with. A single boil that makes an IPA and a Chocolate Milk Stout.

Step 1: Mash

6 lbs Base malt (2 row, maybe MO?)
2 oz Crystal 60

Step 2: Boil first 30 min.

Kettle (Boil Kettle)

Bring the runnings from the mash to a boil.
Add 6 lbs. LME (again maybe MO?)
1 oz Magnum
###Pot (Standard spaghetti Pot)
In a separate pot steep speciality grains.
12 oz Chocolate Rye Malt
8 oz Carafa III

Step 3: The Split

Remove the grains from the steeping pot, add 1/2 lb. lactose, and transfer 1/2 the boiling wort.
keep the boil going for a few minutes, then leave it to cool, top-off to 4-gallons. This is the stout.

Meanwhile, The boil continues for a total of 1 hour.
add 1 oz Centennial @10 minutes remaining.
After the boil, cool and top-off to 3-gallons. This is the IPA.

Step 4: Ferment and beyond

Ferment the stout with S-04/WLP002/WY1968 or whatever stout-appropriate yeast I find.
add 4 oz cacao nibs post-ferment.

Ferment the IPA with US-05/WY1056 bla, bla, bla…
Dry hop w/ 1 oz Centennial.



Fun. I’ve done 2 different beers but I have to say they were mostly adjunct and yeast differences.

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I know, pretty different.

There was another homebrew club that did a RIS with first runnings and Black IPA from second runnings. I thought that was pretty clever too, but that required 2 complete 60 minute boils.

Looks good… When do you plan to brew?
I’ve done a couple… It’s kind of a challenge to figure ABV… I believe I went back and broke it down by the gallon to get that close…
Do keep us updated on this! Sneezles61

Me did once double batch brew. But with 2 kettles same time. Lots of work. One pilsner one ipa. Haha long mash time. 2 mashes in one day. Collected the wort. And started boiling same time.

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