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Posted earlier about this. Movers can’t take anything ‘pressurized’ like soda…or packaged beer. I did an inventory last night, and I have 8 cases of packaged bottles and 3 cases of packaged bombers.

So I am going to have a full car for my drive up. Movers are coming to pack on Thursday, then load on Friday, and I am out on Sunday.

I have a Nissan Altima which has a good bit of cubic space, but when you throw in a dog, golf clubs, casual clothes, work clothes, and me (in descending order of importance), it gets full real quick. Thankfully Wife is coming a few weeks later as she has to stick around for her job for a bit. May be sending a few cases with her.

Every year my son and I run the club entries to the Dixie Cup in Houston - Toyota Corolla with 25+ cases of beer stuffed in the trunk and completely filling the back seat. I worry just a little about getting pulled over on the way down. :wink:

or bottle bombs. Especially with club entries!

I actually had some bottle bombs while driving one time. Damn lucky I am not dead (from beer shrapnel or swerving off the road)…my first (and last) experience with Dupont yeast.

[quote=“Pietro”]or bottle bombs. Especially with club entries![/quote]Might be true of lesser clubs but not a worry with the Zealots! :wink:

Pietro remember I’m just about an hour south of Bahmer if you need someone to take any of that beer off your hands! :smiley:

Have a safe trip man!

Are we talking about the same area of the country and its traffic? :mrgreen:

A lot of it needs some cellaring!

Heck, I am closer than Danny, about a half hour. In fact I was in Balmar just today.

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