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Moving Mead?

I’ve been curious about brewing mead for quite some time, and I’d like to give it a try. But there is one complication: I know that mead may take up to a year before it’s ready, and at the end of August I’ll be moving from one coast to the other. Does mead travel well? And can that one-year aging process be completed in the bottle, or would I have to move a full carboy? Or should I just wait until after I move?

You can age in the bottle but you might get sediment.

I bottle most wines around 2-3 months. This gives enough time to finish dry, add finings + stabilizers, and rack once or twice until clear. My fruit wines have stayed clear in the bottle but my meads all have a fine dusting of sediment.

Thanks, that’s very good to know. I can bottle shortly before I leave, then. I’m used to sediment in beer bottles, so I won’t have any trouble keeping an eye out for it in mead bottles.

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