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Moving Hops?

Any suggestions for moving second year hops this time of year? We are moving next week not too far away in NE Ohio and I have a couple second year hop plants I would like to take with me. Think they will make it? Thanks.

I’d remove all the top growth, dig the crown and transplant. It may take a few weeks but the crown will use some of it’s stored up reserves to produce some new shoots, grow new roots etc. By this time it should have enough reserves to survive the stress of the move. Where in Ohio - I’m near Lowellville?

Thanks for the advice, I will try that and hope for the best. As for location, it is the very corner of the state right on lake Erie and OH/PA border… Conneaut.

Right on. You should have good luck up there. Grapes and hops like the same types of soil so stand back next year. ps: Voodoo Matt is supposed to have his brewpub open by now, should be a cool place with some really good beer!

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