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Motts Fresh Squeezed

I’m about to make a batch of cider using Motts Fresh Squeezed. It’s a pasteurized juice, nothing added, but each bottle contains some pressings/trub that have settled to the bottom of the bottles.

Does anyone have experience with this juice? Should I decant off the juice and minimize the trub, or swirl it and dump it all in the carboy?


I’ve never used that juice, but have used something similar. Shake it and use it all. It will turn out great.

Use it all. I would pick up pectinase to add to the primary.

I have used it and it worked just fine. If I remember correctly, I used 4 gallons of it, added 2 lbs of brown sugar and 1 lb of DME (boiled in a sauce pan with water) and I added a couple of crushed cinnamon sticks. I also believe I used US-05 because I had it on hand. Once I got to about a bubble a minute in the air lock, I killed the fermentation with some potassium sorbate and then back sweetened it with 2 cans of frozen apple juice and kegged. It was awesome.

I used US-05 off a starter, pitched a ton of yeast. My batch was 5.5 gallons. It was knocking down the airlock almost immediately. It still has plenty to go in the primary, but can’t wait.

Hope mine is as good as yours. The crushed cinnamon stinks sound good. Do you think I could add them in a secondary?

Not a bad idea. You would probably get more cinnamon from the secondary.

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