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Morning mash

I need to do this more often… milled grain, hauled in water, measured salts, washed the mash tun last night. Got up at 5, turned on the stove while taking the dogs out, and will probably finish my boil well by 9.


That’s generally what I do for my 10 gallon batches. I only do that in nice weather and I don’t start until about 7. But I agree it is nice

I prefer morning brewing, well, especially, since my since my internal alarm clock wakes me up! Also, I prefer to start cocktail hour around 4 PM, so, brewing late would be not a good plan on my part. Sneezles61

I told the wife all week that Sunday was brew day. Last night, she decides we have to go to a place at 11… so early morning worked out. Too cold to use the chiller, so my kettle is on the garage floor until later on today.

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Started brewing this morning at 730. Its nice finishing early. Sometimes I do an overnight mash when I want/need to brew but am short on time.

I’m an early morning brewer as well.
Usually get up at 5Am, let the dog out, do my morning constitutional (TMO?), and start the water heating. While it’s heating I go upstairs, make the coffee and grab a Nutty Bar(my secret pleasure). Water is usually at strike temp by that time, … and, she’s off…
Generally finished, including cleanup by 11 or 12. :mug:

Think the do that. All the time. We tell them well gonna brew. Brewing day. There. Well you did not tell me. Yes i did told you all week. But be afraid if you say well you did not say nothing. Any way plan for a brew this wednesday at home. Got a starter going only thing. Got to thing what kind of brew

Maybe need a fridge magnet and a big sheet of paper to get the message across… Sneezles61


They use there phone everyday anyway. Textmesage. Every other four hours

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