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Moldy Freezer Cleanout - Hops A'Plenty

I finally donned my hazmat suit and dove into the dead freezer/lager unit/hops storage. Light whitish grey film on everything and a little black mildew/mold looking gunk in the creases and corners. Pulled out all the hops and tossed a few pounds of very old ones right off the bat.

There was only one keg of schwarzbier in there and a 5 lb gas cyl. Left the keg and cylinder inside and sprayed it all down good with a bleach mix and closed it back up. I’ll drag it outside and hose it off tomorrow when it’s nicer then open the freezer up and see if there’s anything I can do with the repair. Otherwise, I guess I’ll wait until things settle down and find a freezer. Nothing on craigslist right now but a very very small one.

I filled the sink with water and a cup of bleach and dunked all the sealed bags of hops in it then wiped them down good in case of mold. I have a few bags that I’ve resealed that seem to have lost the seal and inflated a little. I dunked them too just to see what would happen. No moisture got inside that I could tell…I’m wondering if it’s the cheaper bag material I bought once and it just allows air to seep in over time?

So here’s the list of what I have. Some are fairly old. Would you use hops from 2013 that have been sealed and stored in the freezer? I’ve used 3-4 year old ones in the past and just bumped the amount a little. The * indicates bags that inflated a bit. Less than I thought I had. Only about 10 lbs.

Centennial 2018 - 1 lb nitro sealed
BRU 1 2017 1 lb nitro sealed
GR Magnum 2018 1 lb still fact sealed
Chinook* 2013 3/4lb
UK Fuggles 2 oz factory sealed
Citra 2015 - 1/2lb
Amarillo* - no date pre2015ish - 1/2lb
Simcoe* - 2015 - 8oz
Mosaic* 2016 - 3/4lb
Czech saaz 2017 - 1/2 lb
Cluster* 2014 - 3/4lb
EKG* 2017ish - 3/4 lb
Cascade* 2017 - 3/4lb
Premiant CZ 2017 - 12oz - Saaz bred hops factory sealed

Jee your a pack rat, who what have thought it. When was the last last time you opened it?


Not long ago. I’m in there all the time but some things were on the bottom of the pile. I use a lot of magnum, centennial and noble hops. Others I tend to buy a lb when I hear about it. Use it one brew and go back to my faves. The BRU 1??? I had to look up! Now I know why I have it. I’ll have to try some in a quarantine IPA or something.

Well, I’m kind of a cheap SB so I’d use 'em, especially given the current situation. :mask::money_mouth:


If they look and smell good then I’d have no issue using them.

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