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Mold in the Fermentor

Hi guys, I am completely new to brewing. My girlfriend got me a small personal brewing kit a while ago and we went through the process of getting it into the fermentation process. Well, that process has lasted a little longer than it should have. It has been sitting in a glass fermentor for a little over a month and a white mold has formed toward the top of the jug. I just wanted to know if the beer would still be safe to bottle and drink or if the batch has been infected and ruined.

It should be fine if the mold hasn’t reached the beer. I would bottle it before it does.

That don’t look like mold. That’s yeast you spilled on side of fermenter dumping it in. Your fine

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I thought that but some spots look fuzzy.

Very carefully prepare to rack that out of the fermenter, and do taste it after you do… You’ll get your answer then… Take a whiff of it too! Sneezles61

A month in the fermenter isn’t all that crazy. I’m not sure if it’s mold or not; yeast on the glass was my first thought too. But mold or no, you still should plan on doing another batch, and make sure you’re following good cleaning process.

I looked as close as I could and didn’t see any fuzz like mold you might have better eyes than I got. Looked like yeast to me if was mold it would be growing on the beer by now. A month in the fermenter and it would of covered the whole top of the beer

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How can I find out if it is or isn’t mold? I also believe there was a possibility that the mold was at one point on the top of the batch itself, that I’m not positive on though

That’s not mold in the picture that is yeast that stuck to the side while pouring it in this is mold in the picture. If your beer looked like that like it had fuzzy hairy growth on it on top the beer than you had mold

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Hard to tell if this is mold. You wait untill. Fermenting. Compleet. Done. Than take a smell test. But anyway. Dont give up. Brew a new one.

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Looks like yeast to me too. You can’t worry about it. Just let it run it’s course and see how it comes out. If it’s no good you will smell and/or taste it. If it’s NG like @wilcolandzaat said, don’t give give, brew a new one.


Found a good read on mold in beer… Mold - Milk The Funk Wiki
Some of the pics are pretty nasty though.

Another reason to ferment in buckets

So you can’t see any of it? Did you look at the pictures? There was a very nasty looking one in a bucket… Just gives me the willies!!! Sneezles61

I don’t think that’s mold. Looks like yeast caked to the side as some others suggested. The surface of the beer that I can see looks fine. I’d give it a sniff and if there’s nothing too funky about it, like a vinegar odor, then I’d taste it. It may not taste like beer to you since it’s not carbed but if it doesn’t taste too foul you should bottle it and see how it tastes after it’s carbed and conditioned for a few weeks or even a month. Assuming you haven’t drunk it all by then.

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