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Modified Scotch Ale recipe

I took a NB Scotch Ale recipe (a 90 shilling, Odell’s clone, i think).
I shot for a higher OG, and a slightly different malt color/flavor.
Here’s what I did, and where we stand thus far:

FIRST, I did a 2-stage yeast starter. Literally quadrupled the size of my yeast cake prior to pitching.

(per recipe) steeped specialty grains 20 minutes.
Began boil with 3+ lbs. Gold malt and 1.75 oz. hops
added 2 lbs. Munich malt

  • instead of boiling for 75 minutes, I cut it back to 68 (time constraints, I had an appointment to make).
    Then added 6 more lbs. Gold malt, and rest of hops
    added 2 more lbs. Munich malt

boiled an additional 12 minutes. Ice bath, added ice to fermentation bucket, cooled it to 78 degrees, gave my starter flask a vigorous final swirl, and pitched it all in.
Upon sealing, my wort began bubbling nearly immediately!
(I’m excited).

OG = 1.077!

Should be reddish, very malty, and insidiously alcoholic when complete.
I’ll keep you updated!


OG @ Carboy-ing: 1022.

Not bad, a little higher than expected, but then my brewing software is smarter than I, and told me to expect 1021 (checked it just after transferring).

Color is deep ruddy, already pretty clear.

the yeast cake looked like a Kombucha mushroom on the bottom, about 1/2 " thick!

I have high expectations, the aroma hints at appreciable flavors to come. and the ABV should be nearly 7%!


bottling now, and the FG reading is higher than at Carboy-ing ?!?!

(1026) = final ABV calculated at 6.7% instead of 7%. I’ll live with it, but it sure smells kind of sweet. Needs at least 3 weeks in the bottle, I reckon.

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