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Mixing salts and other stuff

I like to pre-measure all my water additions (mainly gypsum, cacl2 and campden) and put them all into 2 containers to be added for mash and sparge. Sometimes I like to do this the night before brew day but have always been worried about putting all these compounds into the same container in case there is some chemical reaction that would take place over night. I’m no chemist so I’m wondering if my worries are unfounded and I can safely measure and mix this stuff the day before.

Geez I’ve never given it much thought. But that’s the way I do it and haven’t had a problem.

No catalyst with dry salts.

If you add water though, watch out! :lol:

I measure and mix mine the night before also (same three salts) and assume it’s safe since they’re in salt form, not in a concentrated solution. From my memory of chemistry (on thin ice here), I don’t see anything in those three that would create a problem anyhow. And I’ve done this for at least twenty batches with no evidence of problems and also with results indicating that the formulations were effective in creating the effect I wanted, so I don’t think there was any chemical reaction going on.

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