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Mix of yeast strain

some of you out there who actually mixing two kind of yeast strains
have been reading about this
i was wondering

Are you asking about making something special?

I use two or more yeast strains all the time… What do you want to know about it?

The thing about mixing is that you’ll never be able to harvest and expect the same results. Yeast duplicate at different rates and that makes it unpredictable.

I’ve mixed yeast with good results but don’t plan on harvesting it if you want similar results.

Yep, you need to maintain and build up separate cultures for this to work long term. So you can pitch pure cultures in the ratios you wan. But saving some of the resulting slurry, depending on the genera and species, can work out great depending on your wort composition and fermentation profile! Careful, don’t fall down that rabbit hole…

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I have been repitching a 3711/ belle saison blend with no problem but I think they may be the same strain or similar.

I think you’re right - they’re close enough that they might as well be the same.

No i was doing some research. About using different kinds of yeast strains. Reason my beer had a hard time to start fermenting. But finally i did start. So did make extra starter. But it is a differnt kind of yeast. But on the end i did not need to repitch. Extra yeast. Just a long time to get the yeast going. So thats why my question about using two kinds of yeast in my beer.

You could do that. You might end up with something a little different than you planned but it will probably still be good .

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I always use two strains 570 and 530 in my belgium series

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