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Minty Hops?

I remember brewing a beer a year or so back, and I was using some hops that I recall had a nice minty/spicy/maybe some pine aroma. Looking back through my notes, I can’t recall which hops they were.

Based on a few searches, I have read the following hops may give some minty/spicy aroma/flavor:

  • Northern Brewer
  • Perle
  • Williamette

Any others you guys can think of?

Perle is the only thing I’ve ever tried that tasted minty. Most hops are “spicy” in one way or another though; you’d have to get a little more specific to narrow it down.

Thanks, you are right - should have been clearer. (Updated the subject as such)

I was primarily looking for info on Hops that are minty.

I was thinking in my head part of the minty aroma was a spiciness, but primarily interested in the mint for now.


Perle is the only hop variety I know that gives a clearly “minty” flavor, but only if you use them as a flavor hop. Maximize the mintiness with 20 minutes of boiling. More than that and the flavor fades with boil time.

Norther Brewer is often described as “minty” and it’s relative Perle has been as well. This is not a minty like a true mint but more of a clean but smooth spicy sharpness if that makes any sense. :cheers:

I can send you real mint if you want to experiment

thanks, guys.

and thanks for the offer, Pigroaster, but was more curious on hops that suggest mint vs straight up tasting like mint (in which case, using real mint would make a lot of sense)! Do really appreciate it, though.

Northern Brewer does have a minty flavor. I don’t get it from perle though.

Don’t use real mint… evar! Awful grassy flavor when used in the boil or the mash or secondary. If you want a minty flavor use the candy oil, doesn’t take much either. I have also had a moderate amount of luck doing a vodka infusion (extract) and dumping that into secondary. The best way though, if you want a minty flavor, is to bruise some mint leaves and put them straight into the beer.

A nice steam beer with a couple mint leaves and a slice of meyer lemon really takes the edge off our 110 degree summer days.

I haven’t seen it mentioned here, but I get a subtle mint note from Saphir. It’s a sweet spiciness, but it’s more toward the mint side than the cinnamon/cardamom side that I get from other hops.

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