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Minn Mighty Axe Hops

I was just reading about Mighty Axe Hops here on NB. Has anyone tried them? I spend a fair amount of time in MN and feel like I want to go see them in person.
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They sound like something I want to try

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I like the color scheme of their website :grin:

I looked at that too. I’d like to buy them by the pound but I can’t find that option anywhere. NB has a 8oz package for 14.99.

Just took a look the tropicana. Me intrested in.

I had a lot of fun touring their farm, and I’ve had a few local beers made with their hops. Based on some of the local beers I’ve had, the Zeus and Comet stick out as something I’d like to get my hands on. Of course, neither of those are available as options at the moment. :disappointed:

A local brewery also had a pils brewed with their triple pearl, however, it wasn’t a really good representation of the hops nor a pils.

Sampler pack now available on NB. Price is a little salty for 1 pound so I’ll wait it out a bit.

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