Mini regulater system

Anyone out there use one of these?

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Do you have a link?
I doubt I’ve used one, just curious.

I am a real novice at the link sort of thing, but both Williams (D74)and Morebeer (KEG960) have them. They use large (45-74 gram) CO 2 cartridges. You can do everything with them that you can do with a full size set up, but they’re more portable.

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I am a real novice at the link sort of thing[/quote]

I here you, it took me awhile to figure it out. My son helps me get pictures off my phone. I think this new format is a bit more user friendly for us technically challenged individuals (morons).

No, I’ve never used one though.

Here is More beers
Kind of cool to transport but that is a lot of $$ compared to a full size set up.

I have never used one either.

Oh and the link thing. The most simple way is while you are looking at the page like in the link I posted, just select the URL (the http… in the text box at the top) copy and then paste it in your post here.

The one at Williams is half the price.