Howdy all,
So, I need to buy a mini fridge that will fit one 6.5 gallon carboy at a time. They are different shapes, one being tall and skinny, the other short and fat. The minimum measurements of the interior would have to be 30" tall x 14" wide. Has anyone come across such a thing?

Heh, nevermind, found a bunch of options at Sears.

Be cautious. Most mini-fridges I see have “bump” in the lower back half of the interior to accomodate the compressor. This can ruin a fridge in terms of being able to fit a bucket or carboy.

What you want is a fridge without a freezer to allow more room up and down. All fridges (at least that I’ve seen) have the bump in the bottom back. Nothing you can do about that. You can still fit a bucket or 6 gallon carboy. You will have to remove the molding from the inside of the door (compartments for drinks, etc). This will allow extra room for your bucket or carboy.

Because of the bump, my buckets are a tight fit and have a tendency to pop the door open a little. So what I did was attach a piece of velcro (3 actually) from around the side of the door to the side of the fridge, to keep the door shut. You could make some sort of latch I guess, but I had some velcro strips laying around and they work just find.

Most important… DON’T buy a fridge brand new
. There’s no need. Search craigslist or ebay. We’re coming up to the end of the college year. There will be lots of college students selling old fridges. I found mine on craigslist last year for $70. Another $75 for a temp controller and I’m now controlling my ale fermentations and making lagers.

This is what I have. It will hold 1 bucket or 1 six gallon carboy or 2 three gallon carboys. ... 429&sr=8-8

And if you ever decide to convert it to a kegerator, it will hold 2 cornies, a small CO2 tank and will even have room for a 3 gallon carboy.

Interesting. Thanks y’all, I’m glad I posted!

Most important… DON’T buy a fridge brand new[/i]. There’s no need. Search craigslist or ebay.

You are so right. Just found one for $75 on Craig’s list. Going to take a look at it tomorrow. Did you have to make any modifications? Most of the mini-fridges I have seen have that hump for the compressor so it makes the very bottom almost unusable.