Mini Fridge for Keggerator

I am wondering if anyone knows of a mini fridge that would fit 2 5gallon ball lock kegs. I am looking on Craigslist, but without going to these peoples houses to measure, I would like to have an idea of which ones would fit my needs.

I can’t give you any exact numbers, but I can give you some advice:
Try to find one that’s big enough for two 5 gallon corny kegs and a bucket/carboy (or at least, one keg and a bucket).

My father-in-law upgraded and gave me his old kegerator: a small chest freezer that’s just barely big enough for two 5 gallon kegs, but the compressor step is just tall enough and just wide enough that I can’t fit a bucket or a carboy in it. This means that even though I’ve since upgraded to a bigger chest freezer (room for 5 corny kegs) for my kegerator, I’m not able to use the smaller one for lagering. (But, it turns out that plenty of beers taste great at 50 degrees; it’s just a pain in the ass to drag the chest freezer out from underneath the bar all the time.)

I think you will be hard pressed to fin a fridge that will fit 2 kegs and a carboy. 1 keg and a carboy is more possible.

The old standby is the Sanyo 4912, no longer being built. There is a new one being used. But I forget the model right now.

The easiest to find would be a small chest freezer.

The best idea is to make some cardboard cut-outs and see if they fit. Or take the kegs/carboy with you.

I’m sorry I didn’t see this last month but have been away for a bit. A 4.4 cu ft refrigerator works perfectly for two cornys and CO2. I have that in my bar . What you have to do is remove the inside of the door and I replaced it with a piece of plexiglass. Take out the shelving and the CO2 will sit on the condenser in the back and I hold it in place with a bungee cord. The two kegs sit in there with little room to spare. I put the two holes for the taps on the front. Several brands of them are out there - Frigidare, Danby, Whirlpool. If you would like, I can put on some pictures.

If anyone has some model #'s or pics of mini kegerators to share that would be awesome. I’m looking to make a temp fridge that is smaller and would look acceptable in a living room corner area. Would like to hold 2 cornies and co2 (unless possible to get outside).


AS mentioned, The Sanyo 4912 is the old standby, 4.9cf. And no freezer. Newer 4.4cf have been converted also.

Here is a 4.4cf conversion where they bent the freezer shelf out of the way. ... egs-76627/

This link someone says they converted a 4.3cf. So look for anything above 4cf I think. But take a cardboard cut out of your kegs/carboy with you to check.

Thanks for the links. I will check them out. I just saw a post of Legmans. Very nice! That would be perfect. Legman, can you shed any light on the model of freezer used and maybe which temp controller?

I have a sanyo 4912 model which I ferment in now. I also bought a Danby DAR440BL so my mom and dad could have a couple kegs at home. I found each of these on craigslist, but it took some time for them to show up. I should also add that I removed the door molding and replaced it with painted hardboard on each.

I used the Danby DAR125SLDD. Used this HBT thread as a guide: ... ld-269314/

I ordered mine from Wal-mart for about $220 but I saw these about a week ago at the local Costco for $150. This fridge holds two cornies perfectly with the tank/regulator on the back hump. I added a two tap tower from ACU, some perlicks, etc. Looks pretty awesome in the corner of my dining room.

IF anyone is planning on buying a mini fridge, I can recommend this great website for reviews.

I built my two tap kegerator and store the CO2 tank within the fridge. It is tight but works well and is a good looking unit.

I built my kegerator using a GE model WMR04BAPBB. I used Ryan’s set of directions found here: