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Milwaukee Homebrew Festival

Please join us for the 1st Milwaukee Homebrew Festival on Sunday October 21st at Lakefront Brewery from 2-6:30pm! Over 30 local home brewers will be on site pouring some of their finest brews.

Home brewers this is your time to show off! We are looking for 40 of the best and boldest home brewers to share their work and passion with over 250 beer lovers and home brew enthusiasts. Participant Brewers will serve their favorite homebrew to Festival Attendees on the day of the event, in addition to entering the competition. Learn more at

This is an AHA sanctioned event. There are 200 available slots for submission in the competition.

Just curious - have you run this idea by a local liquor lawyer and/or your state alcoholic beverage enforcement? You’re selling tickets to an event where homebrew will be served and this is a violation of federal alcohol laws.

We have checked with a lawyer, prior to our beginning the planning, and we are within the law. So please, if you can make it the event, come and enjoy!

Back in february I participated in a homebrew beerfest in Vancouver WA. To comply with state law it had to be a closed event with all tickets prepurchased and none available at the door. $500 was raised for a local charity.
My beer was voted best of the group with over three years experience.

[quote=“Rookie L A”] $500 was raised for a local charity.[/quote]The prohibition is on the sale of homebrew “for profit”, so serving homebrew for a charitable donation could be legal if your state allows it (states can make laws more restrictive than federal but not less, which is why CA is getting nailed by the DEA for marijuana pharmacies). Selling tickets for a profit would clearly violate Federal law, so I’m surprised that this Milwaukee event is deemed legal (or maybe it’s non-profit, not clear from the website). Someone tried something similar in Texas a few weeks ago and as soon as the event was publicized the TABC shut down the homebrew competition part - they were pre-selling tickets to be judges.

I can’t imagine Lakefront Brewery getting involved with anything illegal. Plus this is an AHA sanctioned event. I’m considering getting in . . .

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