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Miller Bourbon flavored lager ... lager.html

Somehow, I don’t think Cascade hops and crystal malt will give it bourbon flavors. Unless the special glass magically infuses them.

Points for trying, I guess, but I’m still unimpressed.

This is funny to me because I heard about this beer sitting in a bar drinking a fat tire and the miller rep was there telling the bar tender about it and how they are throwing a 20 million doller campaign behind it and that it’s going to compeat with bud light platinum. He was saying how it tastes like burbon and you can serve it in a rocks glass. After he left the bar tender asked how my beer was and I said good you should try to get more craft beers in here. She told me they don’t sell that well and would only consider it if more people asked for them. I told her they would if they knew they were there. She said we could have that argument all day long and walked away. But they are goin to push a beer that a small brew pub here in town has been making for 2 years now and has done well with. Bottem line is if the beer company isn’t spending 20mill to tell you that’s the cool beer to drink they won’t sell it! :evil:

I’ve never heard of this one, and I have absolutely no interest in trying it. I’ve never in my life been overly impressed with anything Miller has put out, including their line of wannabe specialty beers (the amber bock, dunkel weizen, etc.), and I’m not even a big fan of bourbon-barrel aged beers, anyway. Most of the examples of that style that I’ve tried from respectable microbreweries have been boozy and one-dimensional to my palette, so I can’t even imagine how atrocious one from these guys will be. No thanks.

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