Mill gap for wheat?

im doing my first beer with wheat and i was wondering if you change the gap on your mill for wheat. if so what do you set it to. thanks for the help, everone on this foum has helped me alot and i really appreciate all the help.

I just brewed a Hefe yesterday. I did not reset the gap in my MM 2-2. The wheat malt certainly puts a significant strain on the milling. I use one of those Harbor Freight low-speed drills and it was tested! The crush was quite good. I did pre-condition the grain before milling. The flow rate through my RIMS was acceptable, but I did use a half pound of rice hulls in this 60% wheat grist.


I don’t reset mine for wheat. My barley crusher is always set to a gap of .032" and I use a couple hands full of rice hulls for every batch. It’s cheap insurance, especially with a lot of wheat.

.032 is about perfect I have found. I have found any higher than. 035, some of the smaller wheat will fall right through, and the rest will have a poor crush!

I find it amazing that even at .032", some kernels still fall through when I pour the grain into the mill. It’s only a few, so I don’t worry about it, but still…

German wheat malt kernels seem larger than American if that matters for your mill.