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Milk stout with actual milk

I have heard that originally milk stout was made with milk, not just lactose. And I am wondering if that’s just BS or if its actually a thing. And if it is a thing, would it taste different, and if so, would it be in a negative way?

I don’t know if actual milk was fermented to make milk stout in the past. Seems disgusting to me. However, milk has indeed been used in beer in the past. In Japan, for a few years a company produced Bilk to use up surplus milk. Hint: The beer did not sell well and they stopped producing it. ... ashiri.php

In Mongolia they drink fermented mares milk. Or did. Genghis khan was ahead of his time in many things maybe fermented milks time has come. Let us know how it tastes.


It’s soured milk (lactic acid bacteria) (and very good for you, if you don’t mind the smell/taste).

Try putting a couple tablespoons in a glass of dry stout…

Aw, man, jd, I just threw up a little in my mouth.



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