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Milk Chocolate Stout

Looking for a little feedback on a Stout we’re doing in a few weeks, all thoughts are appreciated.
21 lbs Marris Otter
1.5 lbs choco. malt
.75 lb Black Patent
.5 Crystal 60
.5 Lactose
.25 Caraamber

and 2 0z Galena @ 60
and 2 oz Fuggles @15

I’m going to use 8 oz coco poweder @ flameout and 8 oz nibs in 2nd, plus a vanilla bean (in 2nd)

this is a 10 gallon batch.

any thoughts?

Sounds pretty tasty. I would recommend cocoa nibs over powder, the powder turns into a nasty sludge and I feel like the nibs give a better flavor.

Use a 1.5 lbs of chocolate malt instead of the cocoa and add a lb of flaked barley and drop the caraamber.

I use .5 lb of lactose on a 5 gallon batch. That balances out the 1lb of roasted barley in my recipe very nicely. Also I think it would really help if you tossed in some flaked oats to add that “milk chocolatey smoothness”.

What kind of yeast do you plan to use?

Good luck!

I had originally used a pound of flaked oats, but took them out in favor of the cara and lactose. I’m not opposed to putting them back in.

I’ve never used Nibs before, can i use them just like the powder and dump them in @ flameout?

Yep, I usually do some at 20min and some in secondary. Only used powder once and didn’t like how it turned out, but you may want to boil the nibs a bit to soften them up and get more flavor out of them.

I just put them in the secondary 4 oz per 5 gallons they give plenty of chocolate flavor.

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