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Might have to waste some LME

I have a 6lb plastic jug of LME that is about half full. I bought a case from our host to do extract while at our condo and I’m running out of time to use it.

My options are: Quick brew something, bottle and leave it until fall. That might not work out. Put the jug in the cooler and drag it north taking up a lot of room. Just toss it.

I did read that you can pour a layer of vodka on top of the LME and re-seal the jug. It would have to sit in 78° for almost 6 months like that though.

Maybe make a bunch of malted milkshakes?

When are you headed north? We’ve had a few nice days but it’s not very warm yet. 70 on saturday put water in a kiddy pool for the pups to play in. 50 and windy yesterday. This morning there’s 1/4" of ice on the pool and snow flurries flying…Spring in the Old Dominion.

If you put the LME in the fridge it should last until fall right? Or do you empty the fridge and turn it off when you leave?

Can it. You do know how to can? Not can it as in trash can but that’s an option also

Not heading back for about three weeks or so. There are school delays up there this morning due to a snow storm so I’m in no hurry. My wife isn’t as hot weather tolerant so when it starts getting toward 90 here, were aren’t here.

Empty the fridge and shut off the breaker so that’s not an option for the LME.

@brew_cat Never canned anything so I think the initial investment might be as much as the LME is worth. I don’t think we even have a single Ball jar here.

yummm…cholcolate malted milkshakes!

No-one down there brews that would appreciate some starter maker? Send it to yourself? Sneezles61

For science you should do the vodka thing

The only hombrew shop down here was in Key West and it’s now closed.

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