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I’m a budding convert to the Michelada. I haven’t had one officially, I guess, until I get one in Mexico.
If you haven’t had one, and don’t feel like clicking on the hyperlink above, " a Mexican drink made with beer, lime juice, sauces, tomato juice, and chili peppers. It is served in a chilled, in a salt-rimmed glass."
My first encounter was Netflix Heavenly Bites Mexico. At the time I thought WTF that’s messed up, but since then I have made it my summer mission to seek them out in NYC.

For the uninitiated…

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You might be able to find one at your local grocery store that carries Modelo.

My review so far is…
“Especial” good
“Tamarindo Picante” excellent
“Pina Picante” too sweet not enough spice
still two to be judged

I’m more of a Coronarita kind of guy

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Hilarious video by the way, props for trying something out……but I am with the gal who says it reminds me of the smell of vomit. I hate tomato juice and I hate bloody Mary’s so I’m tapping out.

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There is a large anti tomato juice contingent out there I’m finding. This is not for you that’s for sure.

There’s world where both can exist. I’m going to find a fellow enthusiast eventually… Modelo’s marketing department cannot be wrong.

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Chelada Naranja Picosa, from Modelo, is a Cerveza “with refreshing flavors of orange and chili peppers”
It is a pleasant spicy soda-like beer with a orange Fanta like quality (but not Sunkist)
@GoBlue59 this is meant to be turned into a Coronartia for sure

Just Google “chelada” it’s short for Mechelada. There are lot’s of commercial versions.

In our winter home town in the FL keys there are a lot Cubans and they seem to love them. The grocery has lots.

I don’t think I ever tried one but do like bloody Marys, especially with Zing Zang mix. I also am OK with bloody Caesars made with Clamato.

A long time ago I went with friends to “church” Sunday mornings at a bar in the middle of nowhere in way upstate NY where we had beers with a little tomato juice. Not legal to be open before noon back then but the lights were off but door unlocked. Apparently the police were not tipped off by the cars in the parking lot.

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When I was younger the drinking age was 18 but even before you knew of stores and such were you could buy off hours. Authority just looked the other way even if I got caught driving cops would send me on my way saying just go home and drive slow. Looking back that was crazy. The laws changed and I’m sure it saved lives. People were still drinking but maybe a little more responsibley. Sound familiar?

Traveling and enjoying a lot of decent beer but this michelada was outstanding and the perfect compliment a fantastic meal of tacos


If you are in Chicago Today and Tomorrow are the final 2 days of the MicheladaFest

I must say that looks really tasty.

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Some of those are interesting. Didn’t think about asking for one while down in Mexico. Maybe next time!

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