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Metabisulfate as sanitizer?

anyone use metabisulfite as a sanitzer ? How effective against brett is it ?

It’s not a good sanitizer for beer. It works for wine because wine has a lower pH and higher alcohol content.

Sulphites don’t really sanitize. They stuff up the metabolism of microorganisms.
Sanitize with sanitizer.

Just wondering out loud . Thanks guys.

My first experience with this was when I was helping a winemaker who was sanitizing everything with meta-bi. The part that intrigued me is we were sanitizing our hands and arms with the stuff and it was perfectly fine. So score one for meta-bi there. I’m not sure I’d want to do that with sanitizers homebrewers use. Not even star san because I have pretty sensitive skin to that kind of stuff.

Those are typically used in winemaking because you don’t boil unfermented wine (must). And it doesn’t actually kill bacteria/wild yeast. It only stuns them. All you need to sanitize in beer making is everything on the “cold side”. Fermenter, tubing, bottles/kegs. Anything that touches the wort/beer post-boil.

StarSan is what most experienced homebrewers use, as far as I know. Some prefer Iodophor, but it stains many things and doesn’t kill quicker than StarSan

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