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Messed up the schedule for AK47 Pale Mild; need advice

I brewed 5 gallons of AK47 Pale Mild yesterday and after finishing and cleaning only then did I look at a calendar. I’ll be out of town the weekend of June 22-24 +/- a week. The directions for the AK47 recommend a two week fermentation time.

So my options are to bottle at Day 8 before I leave or wait until Day 19 when I return. My original plan (as lousy as it was) was to take some of this with me.

Which should I choose and why?


I would wait til you get back, just bring some of your other brew with you or buy commercial. Almost no one on here would recommend bottling on day 8 even with a very low ABV beer like this, myself included. Yeast have other things to do besides create alcohol and CO2. Let it sit, you’ll be glad you did.

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