Merry Christmas! What are you guys drinking/brewing?

I’m not brewing but I am drinking a Stone Imperial Russian Stout Vertical All by myself :slight_smile:

I’m drinking my first glass of this year’s barleywine from New Glarus, and enjoying it immensely.

Hopefully brew something this week not sure what yet though.

Drinking Stone Bitter Chocolate Oatmeal stout, the recipe from their book except i subbed some local chocolate for the cacao nibs. Super choclatey and really really good. Also have Evil Twin on tap at the moment.

Drank Avery and Allagash Witbiers on the eve and tomorrow i’ll enjoy some Founders Breakfast Stout. No brewing being done but I have a Rye Stout and a Belgian Witbier bubbling away. Next week I’ll brew the Ferocious IPA kit.

No brewing, but I am enjoying my Simcoe IPA and an oatmeal milk stout. Yum!

I haven’t brewed since I left the great state of Maine for the Aloha state in September. I got here about a month ago and haven’t got the brewery up and running yet. I am drinking Anchor Liberty Ale. Merry Christmas!

No brewing for a week or so, but enjoying:

-Black IPA

  • 2011 Bourbon Barrel Porter
  • Oatmeal Brown


  • Sublimely Self Righteous
  • Yakima Glory
  • Fascist Pig
  • Modus Hoperandi
  • Eugene Porter
    -Anchor Xmas

If the fat man decides to skip me, I’ll still be plenty happy!

+1 on sipping on some Founders breakfast stout tomorrow. I had intended on bottling my honey brown ale today , but because we had an unexpected cold snap come through during the last couple weeks of fermentation the brew temp dropped to 56 degrees . The yeast went to sleep and in return I got poor attenuation ( OG 1.050 / FG 1.023) :frowning: So I kegged it and ordered a 2-stage temp controller. FYI wrapping my carboy in several blankets did nothing in helping me maintain a warmer temp. Drinking on some 2009 Sweetwater festive ale and 2011 Straight to ale Unobtainuim

Didn’t drink during the family gathering, but served some AG Irish Red.
Now that Midnight Mass is over, enjoying some Reisling. The bottle was open…

I will be brewing today with my son. Going to do a ryePA based on Rutherless Rye from SN, but with Mosaic hops.

Just mashed in on Denny’s BVIP. This is my second batch of this great brew.

I would love to brew today but its only 4 out right now and only supposed to get up to a whopping 12this afternoon. Don’t know what I will be drinking today but you can bet your butt it will be beer. :cheers:

Likely sampling my Left Hand of Darkness stout, St. Oliver saison and Swimming Gibbon IPA.

Also acquired three 2012 FFF Dark Lords from my brother-in-law who didn’t like the taste. :cheers:

Enjoyed my Galena / Galaxy IPA, Warrior / Chinook IPA, and am waiting to finally try my milk stout tonight.

I’m a little late to this party too but on X-mas eve while I was putting together toys I enjoyed a Bruery 5 Golden rings. After I got home from work on the 25th Upland Raspberry Lambic and some 100% Brett IPA. I’m done brewing for the year…probably gonna brew again at home in about 2 weeks.

Threw down a 10-gallon batch of Left Hand Milk Stout with a buddy tonight. Good times. That wraps up my year!

Earlier today I pulled out my grain bin and kitted up my next 9 batches - I’m ready to rip for 2013! Rock on, guys.