Merica's Mug hombrew competition - Nov 14 - Savannah, GA

Howdy Guys & Gals-

The Savannah Brewers League is hosting a new homebrew competition, dubbed Merica’s Mug. It will only include the 2015 BJCP Guidelines’ US beer styles as follows:
1A. American Light Lager
1B. American Lager
1C. Cream Ale
1D. American Wheat Beer
18A. Blonde Ale
18B. American Pale Ale
19A. American Amber Ale
19B. California Common
19C. American Brown Ale
20A. American Porter
20B. American Stout
21A. American IPA
21B. Specialty IPA (all of ‘em)
22A. Double IPA
22B. American Strong Ale
22C. American Barleywine
22D. Wheatwine
27. Historical Beer (Kentucky Common)
27. Historical Beer (Pre-Pro Lager)
27. Historical Beer (Pre-Pro Porter)
28. American Wild

Entry window will be open October 15 through November 4.

Show your 'Merican spirit and enter!

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