Megladon red ale

Yesterday did a megladon red ale. Been a while did a session with my brew buddy. Fun day. Normaly at home brew alone now. But forgot its fun to brew with a friend. A nice 1.090. Og. Did change the recipy. Did add. 2 row malt. And some caramel malt. And the specialty grains wich came with the megladon. Red ale. Did use. Cetenial. And waiti hops. Did replace. The cascade. Hops. For waiti. Hops. Final grav should be around. 1.020 and use of kveik yeast

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So kveik yeast doesn’t finish off low either? I mean from a high gravity stand point? Sneezles61

Actually. It does. Around 1.010. But my brewing software. Came up with the final gravity

Ive only used wai iti in a blend…i wonder if youll notice it in this big beer.

Had the same idea. Took some hops home and see how it does come out