Megalodon stuck fermentation?

Hi all,

I’m new here, but I’ve made about 50 extract kit brews over the last couple of years, so I guess I am an amateur/almost intermediate home brewer. I’m having something that might be a problem, so I thought I would ask for a little advice.

I brewed a Megalodon extract kit several weeks ago, and I can’t decide if it is stuck. I brewed as directed, but messed up and added 2 pounds of corn sugar instead of the suggested 1.5 pounds. I used the Wyeast 1056 yeast from a 2.5 liter starter and pitched at 64 degrees. Wort was aerated with 45 seconds of O2 blast through a metal boil stone. I got vigorous fermentation in about 12 hours, and this lasted for about 10-12 days. My initial gravity was 1.100, and the beer has been at 1.028 for a week (three measurements). I warmed it up to 74-75 slowly to try to get a little more fermentation out of it, but it hasn’t changed in the last 4 days at room temp (still at 1.028). The krausen has collapsed, but the beer is still quite cloudy. If I calculate attenuation with some online tools, I am around 68%, with an ABV of around 9.5%, and the yeast should (ideally) hit 73-77% attenuation and be tolerant to around 11-12% ABV, so it seems there is more potential, and things might get to 1.022-24. It seems nothing is really changing in my primary. Beer tastes alcohol hot, with lots of hops, but still a lot of sweetness (1.028, so, yeah, it is still sweet). It certainly doesn’t taste done. Is this stuck? Is the cloudiness a sign that it might still slowly tick down gravity points over time like some of the Belgian yeasts I have used?

So, what should I do? Wait for the beer to clear and decide when things are really done? Pitch some more tolerant yeast with better attenuation (I have some US-05 dry yeast in my fridge)? I could buy a different yeast if that might help things finish. Live with what I have? Relax and wait? Any advice is welcome on how I should proceed. I have a bunch of primary buckets and space, so it isn’t a big deal to let it sit, if that is the best advice.

According to instructions for the kit,(I have the same thing in my fermentor) it sounds to me like your about half way through fermenting proccess…(2 weeks prmary, 2 secondary)and your not to fr from fg according to NB Chats this finishes around .015-.020…Your choice but I think I,d Rack to secondary a couple weeks ansee what happens. You have the US-05 for back-up if needed… :cheers: Tank

Don’t rack, that’s the last thing you want to do as it takes the beer off the yeast cake and stalls fermentation even further. I would warm it up a bit, slowly swirl it around so more yeast is in suspension and give it some time.

If it is stuck you have a chance to restart the beer by pitching a huge active starter (2L) that is at high Krause. Even then its difficult.

I swirled things around a bit to disturb the yeast cake 2 days ago. The gravity has now dropped to 1.026, so things seem to still be going, albeit slowly.

Let it sit, IMO. You may need a bit of conditioning time anyhow for a beer that big, to ensure all the extra stuff is properly cleaned up by the yeast.