Megalodon carbonation (or lack of)

I bottled the Megalodon kit about two months ago and its still not carbed. I’ve wasted about 8 bottles so far opening to see if they carbed. Iver rotated, shaked, gently warmed, everything I could think of. Now i’m of the position that enough yeast didn’t survive to carb. I was thinking I could pull all of the caps and add a few grains of yeast to each bottle. Is this a good idea? Are there any other suggestions that work better? Any suggestions are appreciated?

I’ve done that once and it did work. I rehydrated the yeast in boiled and cooled water, then used an eyedropper to add to each bottle.

Don’t remember how much, but overcarbing isn’t a problem if you’re priming sugar was correct. Good luck. :cheers:

Thanks so much Mike. I’m going to try that.